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At GIIS, we understand the needs of expatriate parents. That is why we offer flexibility of admission subject to availability of seats.

Admissions are open for new students all year long for academic sessions starting in April each year.  The registration process opens from August the previous year, while the application reviewing process by our Admissions Team commences in January each year.

Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

Activities outside the curricula which helps in the physical and emotional development of students


A core component of holistic education is the Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular activities that shape the development of students. They are instrumental in honing the talents and developing social skills, critical thinking and teamwork.

Our school has an array of ECA and CCA activities for the benefit of our students. It is mandatory for our students to participate in at least one activity under both categories.

To instil a sense of belonging, camaraderie and brotherhood among students, many of these activities are held by grouping students into four Houses which encourages healthy competition, a hunger for winning and pride in accomplishments.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Fitness is an integral part of our curriculum and so this means that as academics is for the mind, there are many games and sports that takes care of the physical activeness and agility. We offer a variety of extracurricular activities that students can choose as per their liking. They need to participate in at least one activity out of the following available:


Lawn tennis




CBGCA Cricket

Roller Skating

Martial Arts – Wushu


We handpick students with promising sporting skills for our Gold Squad Programme, which provides additional, intensive training for that particular sport under skilled coaches.

Co-Curricular Activities

CCAs build upon the inherent talents of our students as well as getting them interested in new activities and opening their minds to new possibilities in the realm of skills-based education.

Students' talents are built upon which equips them to soar higher through participation in competitions, talent shows and events. They also foster social integration, increase their self-confidence and teach them to follow their passion.

A wide range of skills-based learning options make our CCAs very attractive to students.

Major Dhyan Chand Club


Gravel's Literary Club


Robotics Club


Helen' O Grady Club



Cooking without Fire

Aryabhatta Club


C V Raman Club

Science Club

Raja Ravi Verma Club

Art activities

Tansen Voice of Global Club

Music, Keyboard, Guitar



Furtados School of Music Club


Public Speaking Club

Speech & Debates

Intach Club

Activities relative to Heritage/ Social Science

Jhankar Club

Dance – Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Contemporary

Gold Squad Programme

Apart from ECA and CCA activities, that are conducted during school hours, we have after school coaching under Gold Squad Programme. In this, we handpick students with promising sporting skills, which provides additional, intensive training for that particular sport under skilled coaches. The coaching is provided for Basketball, Football, Cricket, Athletics and Chess. The students are trained as a team in order to represent our school in various inter-school championships held in the city.

Gravel's Literary Club


Intach Club

Activities relative to Heritage/ Social Science